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The Android Alarm Won’t Turn Off; How to Fix?

Is your android alarm won’t turn off? Mobile phones have surpassed most traditional devices, including alarm clocks. Our Android phone makes a fantastic alarm clock, enabling us to set multiple alarms, change the alarm tone, customize the snooze alarm time, and much more. Alarm clocks are vital in our everyday life. Our wakeup aids have evolved from alarm clocks. Every smartphone has an alarm app loaded.

Android Studio will be used to create this app. It features many app-building capabilities and is also quite basic and straightforward to use. It’s a great unified environment for building applications for Android smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, Android smart TVs, and Android smart cars.

What if this wonderful function breaks down, and the alert no longer sounds as it should? Isn’t it frightening? Yes, multiple Android phone users have reported encountering the same issue regularly. So, let’s see why the android alarm won’t turn off.

The Android Alarm Won’t Turn Off- Why?

Do you think why your android alarm won't turn off? Although the source of the app's failure to sound is unclear, the problem occurs when the phone is set to DND (Do Not Disturb).

Do you think why your android alarm won’t turn off? Although the source of the app’s failure to sound is unclear, the problem occurs when the phone is set to DND (Do Not Disturb). The same problem has been reported by those who utilize 3rd party programs for the Google clock wakeup music, such as Spotify and others.

Here are a few possible methods to consider about, as we all know, cell phones’ significance in our daily lives. It makes things simple and quick. Taking into account communication, work, leisure, transactions, and so on, any procedure may be completed in a matter of minutes. If your Android alarm does not sound, try the following options to get it to function.

The Android Alarm Won’t Turn Off – How To Fix It.

Is your android alarm won't turn off? Firstly, you should restart the phone. As is usually the case, restarting your phone should be the first step in troubleshooting.

It might be aggravating to have your sleep disrupted by an alarm that isn’t switched off. And also, there might be a variety of causes for this, ranging from a simple transitory glitch to something a little harder to repair, such as locating the problem in the app options.

Restart the phone

Is your android alarm won’t turn off? Firstly, you should restart the phone. As is usually the case, restarting your phone should be the first step in troubleshooting. So put an end to whatever you’re doing and press the restart button.

Check alarm volume

Some Android phones, particularly those pure running Android, include a distinct volume control option for the alarm. You will not hear your alarm if the volume is turned down. As a result, turn up the volume on the alarm. To do so, go to Settings, then Sound. Various volume sliders may be found here. Increase the loudness of the alarm by using the slider next to it. You’ll locate the Volume option if the sliders aren’t immediately visible. You’ll see the volume sliders if you tap on them.

Alternatively, you may use your phone’s volume up or down buttons. A volume slider in the software will appear. To get straight to additional volume sliders, tap the settings icon. Increase the loudness of the alarm. Increase the volume for all available settings if your phone does not have a distinct Alarm volume.

Check alarm tone

Is your android alarm won’t turn off? So, it is worth checking your alarm tone. The selected alarm tone may not operate in certain cases, either because the file is damaged or because it has been transferred. You would not hear anything when the alarm goes off in such circumstances. As a result, check to see whether the alarm tone works.

Open the Clock app to check and confirm the alarm tone. Select your alarm. The tone choice may be found here. Test the tone by tapping it and seeing whether it plays without any problems. Consider using a system tone for alerts instead of utilizing a tone that you’ve downloaded or installed from elsewhere. An ‘Increase volume’ option is available on certain phones. Make sure you select a number that is greater than zero. Also, hit the days you want the alarm to go off. One day is sometimes chosen, so the alarm does not sound on other days.

Check sound settings

Most of the time, the Clock app’s alerts were mistakenly muted. This occurs because, by swiping on the notification panel, one can turn off alerts for any app. In the settings, you must activate the Clock app notifications. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to Apps or Apps & notifications in your phone’s Settings.
  • Look in the All applications section for Clock. It should be tapped.
  • Select Notifications from the drop-down menu. Turn on the Show notifications toggle if it is turned off.

If it’s already turned on, go to Notifications and touch on the various choices, such as Upcoming alarms, Bedtime, and so on. Make sure each setting’s notifications are turned on. Alarms should also be a high priority if you see the Priority option.

Check do not disturb settings.

While the Do not disturb (DND) option on smartphones is a useful feature, it’s also notorious for creating problems with other applications. The cause for this is that people do not adequately verify the DND settings. Even if your alarms aren’t blaring, a DND setting might be the blame. Here are the measures to take to have it fixed.

Go to Sound in the Settings menu.

Select Do Not Disturb from the menu. The Do not disturb option may be found under Settings > Notifications on certain phones.

Select Allow exceptions or See all exceptions. The Alarm option may be found here. Check to see whether the toggle next to it is on.

Clear cache and data

It has helped many Android users clear cache and data for the Clock app. The disadvantage of this remedy is that it deletes past alerts. Take a snapshot of the existing alerts or write them down. Go to Settings > Apps > Clock to erase the app’s cache and data. Storage: Clear cache and Clear storage/data buttons are here. First, clear cache. Reboot your phone. If the problem continues, hit Delete.

Reset app preferences

Reset app preferences is the one way of solving the android alarm won’t turn off. If nothing works, reset the app preferences. Nothing personal will be deleted. However, it will restore your phone’s factory settings. This procedure should correct a setting disrupting your alarm’s usual operation. Go to Settings > System > Reset settings > Reset app preferences to do so. On certain phones, it’s under Settings > Apps.


Now you may have an idea about why the android alarm won’t turn off and what to do about it. We take the alarm feature on our phones for granted all of the time. We’ve made it a practice to set our alarm clocks for 6:00 a.m. and go to bed silently. We understand how crucial it is in our lives when it stops working. You don’t need to be a computer science specialist to fix an issue with the Clock app on your Android phone. So, all the things you need to know is how to modify the settings on your alarm clock to get it operating again. Your Clock app will not, for the most part, go crazy for no apparent reason.

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