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Android Ringtones folder Location; Where is exactly?

Android Ringtones, where are they coming from, and where are they stored? A frequently asked question on the web by Android users. So in this article, we will cover that particular question and the following topics in brief. So stick until the very end to find out the answers to almost all your questions regarding these questionnaires.

  1. Where are ringtones stored on Android?
  2. How to set ringtones in Android
  3. What is the Android ringtone format?
  4. How to transfer ringtones?
  5. FAQs.

A ringtone can reflect a lot about your thoughts, selections, and personality. So you have to be very careful when selecting tone. A better ringtone makes the incoming call somewhat attractive, and when you set separate ringtones for different numbers, you can identify who is calling you by just hearing the tone.

Where are ringtones stored on Android?

Android ringtones folder location is /system/media/audio/ringtones. Keep in mind that since it is located on the /system file system, it is read-only at best if you do not have root access: this means that although you should be able to copy files from here, you will not be able to create any new files in this directory.

To manually add ringtones to your smartphone, establish a directory on your SD card that looks like this: /sdcard/media/audio, with sub-directories for ringtones, alarms, alerts, and so forth. The Android system should be able to identify this location without any assistance.

But be cautious when you are deleting or editing those system files because it may result in changes in your current ringtone unnecessarily. Furthermore, do not delete other system files because they may malfunction the system.

How to set ringtones in Android?

Android is a very easy-to-use OS. So it is not hard to find anything or change settings on your own without much practice.

Follow the following steps to set the ringtones in Android,

  1. The first step is to launch the Settings app on your Android mobile device.
  2. Select “Sounds and vibration” option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Navigate to the “Sounds and vibration” section of your phone’s menu.
  4. Select “Ringtone” from the drop-down menu.
  5. The “Ringtone” tab will display the ringtone you are currently using.
  6. The following menu will have a selection of potential pre-programmed ringtones. With the volume on your smartphone cranked up, use your fingers to try several ringtone selections until you discover the ringtone you like best.
  7. Once you’ve decided on a new ringtone, press on it so that a blue circle appears to the left of the selection.

All set for now. Enjoy the incomings.

What is the Android ringtone format?

The file-type of ringtones are different in different operating systems. So when you are adding or downloading a ringtone, you need to pay attention to the file type. Usually, Android uses the MP3 format.

  • An MP3 file is the most often used format for music on mobile devices—a file with the. An extension is in this format. MP3 is a file type.
  • An AAC file is a lossy audio format’s often utilized on the iPhone (and a few non-Apple phones). In this format, realtones may be distinguished by using an.M4r or.M4a file type.
  • OGG Vorbis – Often the favored format for Android-powered cellphones. The file’s extension is (in this case). This container format is OGG.

So when you are downloading or sharing ringtones, make sure the file format is compatible with your device.

What are the places you can buy, create or download free ringtones?

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  • For those who don’t want to pay for internet ringtone services, many individuals are making their ringtones instead. It is possible to get free ringtones (or even make your own) without spending a penny. Below are ideas to help you get there:
  • Software Media Players – You can make ringtones straight from your music collection with several software media players. With a bit of a hack, you can utilize iTunes to achieve this. Our tutorial on creating free iPhone ringtones might help you better understand how this works.
  • For ringtones, you may use an audio editing tool to create a short loop from the rest of a song. Typically, these programs may save in a variety of audio formats that can be played on most smartphones. Get the details from our lesson on making ringtones using Audacity’s free audio editor.
  • If you don’t want to utilize a full-blown audio editor, an audio file splitter may be a better option for you to employ. You may use this program to quickly produce ringtones from your current music collection by using an MP3 file splitter.
  • Web Sites That Provide Legal and Free Ringtones— many ringtone sites on the internet provide free cellphone content, including as films, games, and applications for your mobile device. However, a large percentage of these sites offer access to pirated content. See our list of the best free ringtone sites for additional information on where to get legal mobile phone ringtones.

How to share ringtones from one to another?

When you have an exciting ringtone, your friends or family member would like those ringtones and ask you to share those with them. What if you don’t know how to share ringtones? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here is how you can transfer ringtones from one device to another.

By sending E-mails.

Sending E-mails is an effortless way to share. A few simple steps will make the work done. This method is handy when the receiver is far away from you.

  • Open your E-mail application or open it in the browser.
  • Enter the receiver’s E-mail address.
  • Enter the subject if needed.
  • Click attach files, and locate the folder where you’ve stored the ringtones.
  • Attach the files, wait for the files to upload, and then just click send.
  • All done, your friend will receive the preferred ringtones in just seconds.

Using Bluetooth.

When the receiver [the device] is closer, you can use Bluetooth in order to share those ringtone files in a few simple steps.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth visibility to help discover the device to the other device.
  • Click scan, and the device will find all other Bluetooth devices which are around it.
  • Then select the right device from the list, and pair the devices.
  • Connection is completed.
  • Now, locate the ringtone files in your file manager, select the ones to share, and click share with Bluetooth.
  • When the files are received, click accept button on the receiver’s device.
  • Then the files will be received, and you can always check the progress in the notification bar.

Using applications in Play Store.

There are many safe and free applications you can download and use for file transfers on Android. Some of them are,

These applications are so much easy to use, and they have the instructions that popups in when using the apps for the first time. Most of these applications use Wi-Fi Direct technology when sharing files with one another.  


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How do I transfer ringtones to my Samsung?

You can use all the methods we’ve mentioned to transfer ringtones to a Samsung phone. If you need to transfer the ringtone files to the SD card, access files and folders on your Samsung phone’s internal storage, double-click ‘Phone.’ Alternatively, select ‘Card.’ to do the same. You may store new ringtones in a specific folder on your phone’s internal or external storage.

What is the ringtone format for Samsung?

Samsung can read almost all the file formats of ringtones. To check out all the possible file formats, click here.

Why do we use different formats in ringtones?

A prominent selling feature of ringtones is that users may pick the ringtone their mobile phone plays, which is the primary reason for their popularity. Tones come in various forms, and specific formats are more suited to certain phone brands and models than others.

What format is the iPhone ringtone?

iPhone file formats are usually different from Android. So as ringtones also. Ringtones are saved in the MPEG-4 file format with the extension.m4r, which stands for MPEG-4 audio recording.

For iPhone ringtones, the default audio encoding is AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), which can deliver bitrates ranging from 8 to 320 kbps. Many apps, including iTunes, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player, can play these files.

How do I turn a YouTube video into a ringtone?

There are two methods for doing this. One is downloading the YouTube video by an online video downloader and splitting the audios by a mobile video editing application. 

The other way is directly extracting the audio clip by using online audio splitters by just copying and pasting YouTube video links. This method is quite faster than the first method. 

Where are ringtones stored on android 10?

Open the location menu by swiping in from the left side of the screen. Keep in mind that if you’re running Android 10, you’ll be able to access the Ringtones folder from the left pane by turning your phone horizontally. The Internal Memory may be accessed. Go to the Ringtones subfolder by tapping it.

That is our discussion based on the Android ringtone folder location. If you have any other questions regarding the content, please leave a comment, and we are very straightforward to help you further.

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