Bluetooth Is Connected, But The Sound Is Coming From A Phone – Exclusive Guide!

Does your Bluetooth is connected, but the sound is coming from a phone? One of the most significant innovations for linking devices is Bluetooth wireless technology. It is the quickest method of connecting a variety of devices. Instead of cords, you may stream music from your phone to strong Bluetooth speakers. But occasionally, even if they say they are connected, your Bluetooth speakers won’t play the music on your phone. When you need to play the device’s sound, in particular, this might be incredibly annoying.

So why isn’t my Bluetooth speaker playing while being connected? One of the following explanations might explain this:

• The Bluetooth speaker or phone you are using has silent mode.

• Speaker connected to the device is different

• The Bluetooth speaker’s or device’s volume is low.

• The Bluetooth configuration does not permit access to media audio.

• As a result of a mismatched device

• Utilizing a contraband gadget

• An unreliable Bluetooth speaker

How To Fix And Troubleshoot Your Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth is connected, but the sound is coming from a phone.

Above are some explanations for why your Bluetooth speaker indicates connectivity but does not play music. To learn how to resolve the problems above, continue reading.

The sound is muted on your Bluetooth speaker or phone.

If you run into this issue of Bluetooth is connected, but the sound is coming from a phone, you should first see if your Bluetooth speaker is muted. While some Bluetooth speakers feature an LED indicator to let you know when they are muted, some don’t. 

Similarly, check to ensure that the Bluetooth speaker is not muted on your phone, computer, or any device you are attempting to connect. On your smartphone, you could unintentionally press the mute button. Check if the toggle is set to unmute by going to the sound settings on your phone. Make sure your speaker is on if it doesn’t function after that. 

Depending on the brand, your Bluetooth speaker’s ON/STANDBY LED indication will be lighted up in white, orange, or green while it is on.

Speaker Not Connected to Device

The Bluetooth speaker to which your device is paired may be one of the several speakers you own. To fix this, ensure the Bluetooth devices’ names correspond to the ones you are now using. All the speakers you have should be turned off to fix this. To find accessible Bluetooth networks, use the Bluetooth search on your phone. It shouldn’t find any, either. You may now return to the speaker you want to link with your smartphone. 

Now go to pairing mode on the device and re-connect to the speaker you wish to hear. Ensure the other unwanted speakers are off to prevent signal interference and possibly connecting to the incorrect speaker. Alternatively, you may unpair the other Bluetooth speakers from your smartphone and leave the one you wish to hear connected. You will lessen misunderstanding in this way.

The Bluetooth speaker or other device’s volume is low.

Bluetooth is connected, but the sound is coming from a phone.

Be careful to dial the volume on your Bluetooth devices and the speaker. Set the volume to a reasonable level. Depending on the manufacturer, you may have the volume up (+) and Volume (-) buttons on your speaker. You may adjust the volume by clicking the volume up button until it is loud enough for you. 

This will usually make the problem go away. But if it does, keep reading to learn other techniques to fix the problem.

Bluetooth Settings Cannot access media Audio.

If your Bluetooth is connected, but the sound is coming from a phone, this is another method to follow. After ensuring that your device is sending the Bluetooth signal correctly, check the Bluetooth settings to ensure that the connection has enough Bluetooth access rights to the audio in the media. Most devices contain a toggle button for turning on or off audio output access. 

A sound device’s Bluetooth network transport control should be configured to playback Audio. For security, smart gadgets do not, by default, allow Bluetooth access to audio output. In this scenario, you will need to provide access to audio output manually. Open the Bluetooth settings on your device, choose Bluetooth, and verify that the button next to Audio Output is lit in green. 

If not, click to activate it. The required Bluetooth services could be blocked if you are connected to a PC. Your speaker won’t work as a result of this. Make that Bluetooth is enabled on your computer, whether it runs Windows or MAC.

Because Of A Device Pairing Issue

Bluetooth is connected, but the sound is coming from a phone.

This might also happen if your device’s pairing process goes wrong. Your device could seem to be linked successfully yet nonetheless contain a problem. Often, this is due to a broken or unreliable Bluetooth network. You must first unpair the device before you can fix the issue. After the speaker has been restarted, re-pair it with the Bluetooth device. 

If the problem continues, you will need to remove the pairing data from your devices entirely. Your PC or smartphone should include a “Forget devices” button. If the device becomes unpaired, you can re-connect it by pairing it again. This technique should solve the problem.

Making Use of a Non-Compatible Device

Connecting to an incompatible device is another frequent source of this. Some Bluetooth speakers can’t be used with laptops or mobile devices. In this scenario, while seeming to be paired with the Bluetooth speaker, your smartphone won’t start playing music. 

Before purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, you should review the minimal compatibility criteria specified by the manufacturer to resolve the issue. Some manufacturers restrict the connectivity of their products to other products bearing the same brand.

A defective Bluetooth speaker

Frequently, a defective Bluetooth speaker will prevent music from playing. Even connected to your device, a speaker with an electrical defect will likely stop playing music. Check whether it will play by pairing your device with a different Bluetooth speaker. 

If the other Bluetooth speaker can hear the music, your original speaker is broken and has to be replaced or re-paired. Take your speaker to the service center for your brand for re-pair or replacement if it is still covered under warranty.

Audio IN Jack has a plugin.

When your devices cannot play music over Bluetooth, it may be because they are already linked via the audio port to another device. Speakers with a cable connection option frequently operate in this way. You could also be using the Audio-IN jack to try to connect to a smartphone or computer that is already linked to another audio output. 

Unplugging the Audio IN Jack is necessary since Bluetooth devices can only simultaneously play sound from one device. Turn off the Bluetooth speaker and your device for a few minutes after removing the jack. Restart your Bluetooth speaker and establish a connection with your device.


The most practical and economical method to listen to music on the road is through portable Bluetooth speakers, which can be used with any smartphone or tablet. The audio of your phone and other devices will be amplified on Bluetooth speakers fast. Now you may have an idea about the issue of Bluetooth is connected, but the sound is coming from a phone. 

However, if they don’t play the music when you need it, they could become an inconvenience. The nine causes of this and possible solutions have been covered in this article. 

You can resolve the issue by using the options above. But if it still doesn’t work, your gadget requires a few more difficult resets. Use your device’s reset button to accomplish this. Remember that doing this will remove all of your device’s data.

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