How To Factory Reset a Nextbook

How To Factory Reset a Nextbook? Well Explained.

Hard reset of any device permanently deletes everything inside the device’s ROM. In other words, its internal memory is wholly cleared permanently. So before you factory reset a device, you must back up everything that is valuable for you, especially contacts, files, and secret passwords of your website logins.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how to factory reset a Nextbook in some easy steps. So, welcome to PandaDroid.

Before we get into the content, let’s briefly introduce Nextbook tablets.

Are Nextbook tablets any good?

As everyone knows, there is generally nothing wrong recorded about the Nextbook tablets. But we don’t say that they are all good in every aspect. But according to the customer reviews and their ratings, The Nextbook has built up their reputation very well in the market of tablets.

It works perfectly for basic things like reading email, accessing the Web, and simple mobile games, as long as they’re handled one at a time.

Any activity more than that and performance gets slow, offering a stodgy Android experience. Easily overloaded, it slows down if numerous programs are active in the background and lags while going from one to another.

The Nextbook is old and substandard to other $200 tablets without the keyboard. With the keyboard, it’s a great value that gives more utility features for budget-conscious students and families alike. However, despite its limited productivity features and low starting price, its meager performance and poor build fall short for anybody searching for a suitable workstation.

Who is Nextbook made by?

E FUN, a Southern California-based company, is behind the Nextbook tablet line. Since 2010, E FUN has been manufacturing Nextbook tablets for Android and Windows. The Nextbook Next2 tablet and e-reader was one of the first Nextbook tablets to join the market in 2011.

Here is how to factory reset a Nextbook.

A Nextbook Android smartphone may be reset to factory settings with a series of button pushes. Hold the up volume button while pushing the power switch after charging and after unplugging the device.

The Nextbook logo will display on the screen once you hold down the two buttons for a few seconds. To bring up a menu, let go of both buttons and push the up volume button. Go to Wipe Data Factory Reset and select the Yes option to do a factory reset.

It’s a final option for individuals who are trying to remedy a problem or start over on a previously used gadget by resetting it to factory settings. A hard reset is required when the device’s settings menu is inaccessible due to a software issue or a lost or forgotten password.

Any downloaded applications or purchases made on the smartphone are also deleted when a factory reset is performed. After a factory reset, app and purchase data may be retrieved from the Play Store.

Many Android devices, from smartphones to Chromebooks, have similar hard reset methods. Depending on the device and Android version, the specifics may vary, but the goal and outcome are the same.

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How to hard reset a Nextbook? Here is how.

How To Factory Reset a Nextbook

As we’ve mentioned above, save up all your important data before proceeding. If not, you will lose everything inside the Nextbook. After confirming everything is okay and the device is ready to hard reset, follow the below steps.

  • Keep an eye out for a dead battery on the tablet’s power supply.
  • If you have an SD card on your smartphone, remove it.
  • As soon as you see a start-up logo on your screen, press “Power” and “Volume Up.”
  • To enter “System Recovery Mode,” release the buttons once you see the logo.
  • To go to the “wipe data/factory reset” option, use the “Volume Down” button. Volume Up/Down buttons are used to navigate and highlight options when in recovery mode.
  • Upon selecting “wipe data/factory reset,” tap the “Power” button to activate it.
  • Repetitively press “Volume Down” until “Yes – erase all user data” is chosen on the subsequent screen.
  • To perform a factory reset, just press the “Power” button one final time.
  • When the device is back up and running, put it back in if you removed your SD card in step 2.

Resetting a Nextbook is nothing hard for you now.

How to unlock the Nextbook tablet if you forgot the password?

Locking your Nextbook Tablet and forgetting the password will make it difficult to get back in. However, it is possible that you may perform some troubleshooting on your tablet to get it back to normal. The Nextbook tablet password may be reset, right?

Once you see the start-up logo on the screen, turn off the tablet and hold the volume and power buttons down. To do a factory reset, first put the tablet into recovery mode, then press and hold the volume down button on the tablet. Hard-resetting the tablet requires pressing the power button.

To get the Nextbook password back, you’ll need to do a tablet reset, which is a simple procedure. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to reset it, how to unlock it, where the reset buttons are, and more. Count me in.

Now you know how to factory reset a Nextbook, correctly and safely. So now let’s focus on some FAQs.

Some related FAQs.

How do I reset my Nextbook tablet nxw8qc16g?

Follow this video tutorial to learn how to rest a Nextbook tablet nxw8qc16g.

What operating system does Nextbook use?

Flash 11 with Android 4.0. 3 – A sophisticated Linux-based Android 4.0. 3 operating system for tablets is included on the NextBook.

Why won’t my Nextbook turn on?

If the problem persists, we recommend that you try holding the power button for five seconds, then plugging in the charger and holding it for another five seconds to see if it helps. Release and push the power button again if the charger is still plugged in and the device does not turn on.           

How can I know if my Nextbook is charging?

Do any lights or displays appear on the screen when the charger is plugged in. Any other option would need purchasing a new charging cable or a new charging station altogether. To see if your phone is charging properly, press and hold the power button until you hear a beep or see some action.

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