how to find ip address from facebook profile on android

How To Find An IP Address From A Facebook Profile On Android?

Do you know how to find an IP address from a Facebook profile on android? Social media are a big part of our lives in the modern world we live in now. Many people check their social media feeds and profiles daily and post updates. 

Social media has become an essential tool. People use it to connect, and businesses use it to promote their products and services.

Even though 99 percent of people use social media for good reasons, there is always that 1 percent that tries to ruin it for everyone else and make trouble. There may come a time when you need to find someone and stop what they are doing online. 

How to find an IP address from a Facebook profile on android?

The best way to do this is to find their IP address. You can use Facebook to find out someone’s IP address, and this article shows you how!

What is Facebook?

How to find an IP address from a Facebook profile on android? The best way to do this is to find their IP address.

Let’s go through an abrupt overview of what Facebook is before getting into that how to find an IP address from a Facebook profile on android.

If you haven’t heard of Facebook, you must have been living in the jungle or something. Facebook lets people connect, share information and photos, find businesses, live record content, and do many other things. Many people love Facebook and how it can bring people together and make them more social.

Why would I want to know someone’s IP Address?

When we talk about how to find an IP address from a Facebook profile on android, there are so many things to consider

When we talk about how to find an IP address from a Facebook profile on android, this is another fact to consider. 

You may need to find their IP address if someone has done something terrible to you or your business on Facebook. For example, they may have tried to infect your browser with a virus or sent spam messages through Facebook messenger. 

They could also have broken a contract with your business or tried to ruin your Facebook page. No matter why you might want to report them or try to block their IP address so they can’t cause problems anymore.

How to Find a Facebook User’s IP Address

How to find an IP address from a Facebook profile on android? You can find someone’s IP address on Facebook in three ways. These include using a Facebook IP logger that has already been made, making your own Facebook IP puller, or using the command prompt.

Using a Facebook IP logger that was already made

When we talk about how to find an IP address from a Facebook profile on android, this is an important step. An IP logger is a tool that lets you find out a user’s IP address when they click on a URL you give them. The Gravity URL logger and shortener is one of the most well-known and valuable IP loggers. 

This IP logger is not easy to find because it was made that way. All you need to do is get the user to click on a link. His IP address will be pulled from his request and put on a page you can access with a tracking code. The tool can also shorten URLs and help you find the actual URL behind a shortened link. 

Follow the steps below to learn how to use the Grabify IP logger.

  • Get the URL of a page that you know the person will like. The more interested someone is in a website’s content, the easier it will be to get him to click on the page.
  • Go to the home page of the Grabify website and enter the URL. Click on “Create URL,” and you’ll get a shorter URL. Also, copy the tracking code, as you’ll need it to get to the IPs that have been logged.
  • Send the URL to the person while you chat with them on Facebook. When the person clicks on the link, his information will be saved, and he will be taken to the URL with the content he wants to see. This is to try to stop people from being suspicious. If you send people to empty pages, they will be questionable, but if you do this, they won’t be.
  • Go back to the Grabify homepage you were on before and enter the tracking code you copied. Click on the tracking code instead of the create URL button.
  • We will give you the logs that go with the tracking code. You don’t just get the IP address for each record; you also get other information, such as the country, ISP, user agent (browser), device, OS, device orientation, and, if appropriate, battery level.

Make your IP logger.

You will need to make a custom IP logger based on who you want to spy on, how careful and aware that person is while surfing the Internet, and your web development skills. 

A custom IP logger is just a website that keeps track of your IP address and other information about your browser as you visit it. Not everyone likes to use shortened links. 

Some users won’t use shortened links directly; instead, they use tools that reveal the URLs behind the shortened links and use those instead to avoid having their IP addresses logged or other unknown things happening. Because of this, some coders would rather have users go to their website instead.

If you need to keep track of Facebook users’ IP addresses, you can set up a custom website to help you do that. You should know that if you want it to be more convincing, you will need to use a custom domain name and make an app or write content that will appeal to the user. 

Follow the steps below to create a custom IP logger that will look more real.

  • Using your favorite programming language, make a function that will get an IP address from a request and map a URL to this function to run every time the URL is visited.
  • Ensure the URL has content that the people you want to reach will be interested in.
  • There are free hosting plans you can use for this purpose. You might be interested to know that many popular hosting services offer free programs. Read this article to learn about free hosting services for your IP logging website and script.
  • Buy a custom domain and a place to host the website. You will have to buy a custom field because, unlike hosting, only a few services will give you a free domain. But you can buy parts for a low price.
  • By using social engineering, you can get the person to click on your link. Once he’s been to the page, you can check where you set up the IPs to be logged and see if that person’s IP is there.
  • You can change the tool to do as many things as you want.

Using the Command Line to Find a Facebook User’s IP Address

  • All of the above ways require that you know how to manipulate people. Unfortunately, not everyone will fall for your trick, and you might not even be able to pull it off. Because of this, some people rely on the details to get it.
  • Interestingly, you don’t need any advanced technical skills to do this. All you need to do is know how to use the command line, which on Windows is called the command prompt, and on Mac, it is called the utility tool. Follow the steps below to find out who you are chatting with’s IP address.
  • For this method to work, you must connect with the person. You can start a chat with the person using the Facebook Messenger app or chat feature. Make sure the person is online on Facebook and close all other tabs.
  • Open the command-line tool, type “netstat-an,” and press enter. If the user is online and you are chatting with them, their IP address will be shown on the screen.
  • You’ll need to keep other tabs close so your computer doesn’t record different IP addresses that could confuse you.


Now you may have an idea about how to find an IP address from a Facebook profile on android. Facebook users’ privacy is important to them, so unless you work for the government, you can’t ask for a user’s IP address and expect to get it. 

But it’s easy to find a Facebook user’s IP address, either by using a program you made or one already made or the command line. All of these are discussed in the article, and you can also find out how to hide yours from nosy people.

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