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How to turn off Headset Controls; Android? Best Guide.

Ever faced a situation where your phone is stuck in earphone mode? I am pretty sure that many of you have experienced it—especially you, who searched for a solution. You have come to the right spot. Here is how to turn off headset controls, Android.

Even when you are not connected to your earphones, when this mode is on, you will hear nothing, including calls and music. So when this mode is accidentally on, you will miss a lot even without a sense. This happens when your phone thinks headphones are plugged in [Android].

There are many possible reasons for this mode to be turned on when the earphone is not connected. So in this article, we will find out the reasons and the possible fixings for this issue. So stick until the end. 

How to turn on headphone mode on Android?

Headphone mode is automatically turned on when you’ve connected your earphone to your device, by plugging in, or by means of wireless. So usually, there is no need to turn on the headphone mode manually.

But there are times that you will need to turn off the headphone mode manually, and that is what we are discussing here.

What are the possible reasons for continuous headset mode?

Issues in the earphone port.

When there is an issue in the earphone port, your device may identify that the earphone is still connected even after you’ve disconnected it. This may happen due to an electric short occurring due to a liquid leakage into the slot, or maybe due to dust accumulation inside the port.

This usually happens when your phone got contacted with water accidentally. When there are water particles inside, the dust will also accumulate even faster than before. So first, try to remember your recent activity with your mobile phone.

Issues with your device’s OS.

Everything works fine until something goes wrong. So the Android systems too. It is no surprise that the operating systems lose their stability sometimes. So in such cases, those things can happen.

There can be many possible reasons for the system bugs. The best way to keep away from those bugs is to keep the OS updated with the latest updates available.

Issues with the earphone jack.

  • Take your headphones out of your phone once again and put them back in.

The simplest approach is to reconnect the headphones to the phone and then unhook them again from the phone. In order to do this, your Android device must be made to cease recognizing the headphones.

  • Insert the headphone jack into the audio jack on the computer.
  • Gently but firmly spin the plug within the jack until it is locked in place.
  • Remove the plug from the socket.

If the phone still plays music, you’ve successfully resolved the issue at hand. If this is the case, you can investigate other options.

  • Ensure that the headphone jack is clean.

It’s conceivable that your phone is unable to exit headphone mode because there is a large amount of junk in the audio port of the device. Dust, filth, and even lint may accumulate on the interior of the port.

How to remove headphone mode from Samsung?

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How to remove headphone mode from Samsung?

There are several methods you can try to turn off the headphone mode when the earphone is not really connected to the mobile.

Removing the dust accumulated inside the slot.

“How do I turn headset mode off?” is a common question. With a flashlight, look into the jack to see what’s going on. Follow these methods to remove any material that has been lodged within.

  1. Remove the cotton wool from one end of a Q-tip and set it aside. It should be tiny enough to fit into the jack’s audio input. A toothpick or a paperclip may also be used. Insert the Q-tip all the way to the bottom of the jack.
  2. Rotate it while pressing it down once it’s at the bottom.
  3. Remove the Q-tip. This should clear off any gunk from the jack’s bottom.
  4. Steps 1 to 4 should be repeated as many times as necessary to eliminate all of the trash.
  • Attach a piece of the double tape to the Q-end tips if it doesn’t work. To remove any residue, just extract the Q-tip from the tape.
  1. Headphone mode should be removed after this. To make sure it works, play some media.

Turn off and on again your Android device.

This has to be the first thing you could do. There are times when the only thing you need to do is a reboot. Restarting your Android phones eliminates any open applications that may be creating issues in the background.

The Power button may be pressed and held. Most smartphones include a right-hand-side button for accessing this feature. Do a Restart on your phone if it has one. To turn it off, press the Power button.

Restarting a phone that doesn’t have a Restart option is as simple as pressing the Power button again.

The headphone mode symbol should not appear until your phone has finished booting. To be confident that the issue has been resolved, you may also play some music.

Resetting the phone will also help.

If anything does not work, you can try resetting your phone. But you need to be aware because resetting a device deletes all of your files, contacts, and everything from your device. So a soft reset or a rollback will be effective in this case.

If your device’s battery is not sealed, you can try removing the battery after turning off the device, keep it off for about 30 min and then enter the battery and restart the device. It will clear all the data which was saved in the device’s RAM and will come back as a fresh memory.

If nothing works, try hard resetting your device, or you will have to contact a mobile repair shop and repair the device.


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How to turn off Headset Controls?

How to turn off Headset Controls; Android?

The audio balance is the sole function that can be changed via the phone. For this, enter the options and go to Accessibility; now search for Sound Balance and examine the various choices and pick one as per the music that is playing.

Why is the headphone symbol on my Android?

As long as the icon is shown, the phone assumes that headphones are inserted in Android or iOS, and the headphones mode is enabled. The headphones jack is used instead of the speakers for all audio, including music and phone calls.

How to change the headphone settings on my Android?

You can access the same audio options on Android as you would on iOS. On Android 4.4 KitKat and newer, go to Settings and choose the Accessibility option under the Device tab. Tap Sound balance under the Hearing category to change the left/right volume balance. To activate monophonic audio, you may press the checkbox underneath that option.

How to get rid of the headphone icon on my Android?

Take your phone to Settings, click on “Sound and Vibration,” and then access the “Audio Settings” section. This is where you may pick a Headphone type. Once you’ve plugged in the headphones, you’ll need to remove them. You must wait a few seconds before checking to see whether the headphone icon has vanished from the status bar.

So now you know how to turn off headset controls in your Android device. If you have any other questions or suggestions, do not forget to leave a comment in the comment section. Thank you.

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