QR Codes to Scan for Fun

QR Codes to Scan for Fun; for 2022

TOYOTA first introduced QR codes, which they used in manufacturing their vehicle parts. From there, the QR codes are being revolutionary in the technology field in case of identifying and communication. There are many free QR code generators on the internet where anyone can generate a QR code in seconds embedding the information they need. In this article, we discuss the places where you can find and create QR Codes to scan for fun.

You can share any URL through a QR code. At present, students and companies tend to use QR codes for their works because it is pretty simple, and every single Android or iPhone has the ability to scan QR.

Random QR codes generators on the web.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are plenty of random QR code generators on the web. Some of them give free access and downloads, while some need a one-time payment for generating and downloading those codes. So here are some of those funny QR code generators on the web.

Beaconstac’s QR Code generator.

Creating a personalized QR Code on Beaconstac’s website is entirely free. In addition, there is a wealth of helpful information on the website to assist you in getting up and running. However, if you are investigating it for a long-term project or campaign, I’d recommend signing up for a free trial to see what it can do.

QR Code Generator.

To begin, it’s a breeze to get about the site. A beginner’s guide to QR Codes addresses nearly all of their questions about the technology. This method, like the previous one, allows for website customization. A static QR Code with your logo may be downloaded and added to your project. A free trial is offered for the more complex features. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.


Scanova’s website immediately evokes the word “comprehensive” in the imagination of the visitor. It’s a tool that anyone can use because it’s so user-friendly. However, in order to access the code, you must first sign up for a Scanova account.

The QR Code generator.

Simple and effective, it generates a black-and-white QR Code. Text, URL, contact, or vCard QR Code, call, and SMS are all supported. After signing up, the program offers the ability to generate dynamic QR Codes, although the alternatives are restricted.”

This is not the best option if you’re searching for a personalized QR Code.

You may sign up for an account on the website, but there is no way to learn about the benefits or drawbacks of doing so.


Since then, Shopify has evolved into a very versatile platform that provides a variety of services. Making a QR code is not one of the many services that I enjoy. It’s simple to make but static in that it simply asks for the type of QR code and the destination URL. A QR code is generated and sent to the email address provided.

If you’re seeking to produce a fast QR Code, you may do so, but this is not the best option if you’re planning on running a QR Code campaign.

QR stuff.

QR codes can be personalized only after joining up, and there is a 50 scan restriction on the free QR code. The website is difficult to browse. It wouldn’t work whenever we tried to switch to the dynamic QR. It appears to be yet another one that we can pass on.

QR code Monkey.

QR Codes to Scan for Fun

The best random QR code generator we found on the web is QR code Monkey. There are millions of QR codes previously made with QRCode Monkey, one of the most popular free online QR code generators. If you’re looking for a free QR code generator that can be used for fun, business, and print applications, this is one of the finest out there.

How to create a custom QR code in QRcode Monkey?

  • Set the QR code content. Choose a content type for your QR code at the top (URL, Text, Email…)…
  • Make changes to the design. Do you want your QR code to stand out? …
  • Make a QR code. With the slider, you can adjust the pixel resolution of your QR code.
  • The image can be downloaded.

QR fun.

QR fun is completely free to use a QR code generating platform that even does not play ads in it. Creating a QR in QR fun is pretty simple.

  • Select your choice of QR.
  • Click on generate, and you are done.
  • This is entirely free and without any ads.
  • Use it as much as you like. Codes will not expire.

Funny QR codes to scan.

Also, there are many funny QR codes that people have generated for other people to try out scanning for just fun. They usually do not contain any disturbing or sensitive content, and they are generally suitable for anyone.

If you love to find some QR codes to scan for fun, you can find many of them here. If you love to create your own funny QR codes for just scanning, you can try one of the QR code generators to create your own QR and get some fun by sharing them with your friends and family.


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What can I do with QR codes?

Website URLs, phone numbers, and up to 4,000 characters may all be contained in a QR code. QR codes may also be used to: Directly link to the Apple App Store or Google Play to download an app. Authenticate online accounts and double-check login information.

Can QR codes have viruses?

A malicious QR code, for example, can direct a user to a virus-spreading website or program. Scanning a malicious QR code is much the same as clicking on a bad link. While a QR code cannot itself hold a virus, it might direct a user to harmful information that can.

Are QR scanners safe?

The vast majority of barcode and QR code readers on the Google Play Store are clean and safe to use. According to Google, the risks of a malware-infected app are the same for anything on the market, not only barcode scanners, which continue to check the apps on its stores.

Can QR codes be forged?

However, because QR codes are open-source, anybody can make them; counterfeiters might reproduce a brand’s code and landing page; closed-source and proprietary response codes, such as SpyderLink SnapTags, would be a better solution for anti-counterfeiting.

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