Ring Volume Disabled in Android

Ring Volume Disabled in Android; 06 Methods of Fixing.

Why my ring volume does is disabled on my Android phone? We have seen many Android users have asked this question in every Android forum. So in this article, we’ve brought you a way better explanation of the ring volume disabled issue in Android devices.

This issue can make your day worst because it may cause you to miss the most important calls and messages that you get. So it is very important to fix this issue the first time when you did find the problem is there.

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There are a few simple tips you can try in order to fix this issue simply and in just a matter of time.

  • Try increasing the ring volume.
  • Try disabling the Do not Disturb Mode.
  • Try a Ring tone with a better sound and pitch.
  • Check whether your volume buttons are working smoothly.
  • Check whether you’ve turned on the silent Mode or not.
  • Make sure your phone isn’t set to Airplane Mode.

Let’s discuss these tips further.

Try increasing the ring volume.

Many of you keep complaining that the sounds are not working, as they don’t know that their ring volume is set low b you or by mistake. So the first thing you need to do is increase ring volume by pressing the volume up key.

If the volume is not increasing, your volume button might be an issue. So check for it; try pressing somewhat harder. If nothing works, step into the second tip.

Try disabling the do not disturb Mode.

This usually happens when you turn ON the Do not Disturb Mod when you are driving or on some occasion like a meeting, and you probably forget to turn it OFF. So check for it and make sure the Mod is set to OFF.

If it is OFF, then try the next tip.

Try a ring tone with a better sound and a pitch.

Every ring tone is not the same and does not have a better sound level. And also, when the pitch is somewhat higher, there is more intensity for hearing that tone clearly, in noisy conditions. So make sure your ringtone is hearable where ever you are. If then, you will not miss out on anything.

The ringtone might be the problem if you’ve tried all of the methods above. That’s the root of many problems, yet we seldom go there. For the most part, this is because of a difficulty with downloaded ringtones or other tones. Whatever the case may be, it no longer exists.

It’s as simple as changing the ringtone on your cell phone. Start by listening to the built-in noises. New sounds may be downloaded if everything goes well.

Select Sound from the Settings menu and then select a new ringtone from there. The ringtone may be customized by selecting it in the Phone ringtone menu. It may be necessary to alter your ringtones if the problem only occurs when a particular contact is involved.

Check whether your volume buttons are working smoothly.

Ring Volume Disabled in Android
Ring Volume Disabled in Android

When your device gets old, the device’s hardware starts to fail. So the power and the volume buttons do. So when they are not working fine, your device’s ring volume can be increased or decreased automatically without any sense.

You can just check it by pressing the buttons repeatedly for a few times and seeing the volume is changing accordingly. If not, you should contact a phone repair shop and get the buttons replaced.

Check whether you’ve turned on the silent Mode or not.

Silent Mode turns off all your device’s sounds. So when it is turned on, you will not hear any ring sounds. So just go to settings and simply turn off the silent Mod. It would bring the sounds back if it were the only issue associated.

Make sure to increase the ring volume after the silent Mode is turned off. If not, you will not find your problem fixed.

Make sure your phone isn’t set to Airplane Mode.

Another typical ringtone problem is mistakenly setting your phone to Airplane Mode. It’s easy to miss the fact that your phone is in Airplane Mode for a short period of time since it will look as though no one is contacting you.

This is most likely the problem if you’re having issues accessing the internet when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or if you can’t send or receive text messages.

Check to see whether Call Forwarding is switched on.

Call forwarding options may be found in the settings app on certain older Android phones. If this is the case, it’s most likely because call forwarding is enabled in third-party software like Google Voice or Skype.

You’ll need to search through your Android backdrops, as well as the settings of any third-party communication applications on your phone, to see whether this is your problem and, if it is, to turn the option off. Follow these steps to know whether it’s enabled on your phone.

If it doesn’t work, try a factory reset.

If you’ve exhausted all of the preceding troubleshooting steps and still can’t get your phone to ring, the problem may be more severe than a bit of a hiccup. In the worst-case situation, malware has infiltrated your PC. Make a system backup of your essential applications and data, then do a factory reset to check whether the problem is resolved.

Make sure it’s not a hardware issue.

Your phone’s speakers may be damaged in some manner if none of the other options work. If you’re experiencing difficulties playing other audio, this is highly probable. If this is the case, contact the maker of your phone or the retailer where you purchased it to see what may be done.

So now you know how to fix the ring volume disabled in the Android issue by using a few simple methods. So do not blame yourself or your valuable device, but make sure there is no issue preventing the ringing tone from ringing louder.

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How do I restore my ring volume?

On Android Oreo, touch “See all applications,” then pick “Show system” from the three dots in the upper right corner. Then choose “Android System” from the drop-down menu. Tap “Open by default” in Android System settings and, if available, the “Clear defaults” button. Return to the previous screen and choose your preferred notification or ringtone.

How do I unmute my ring volume?

Why can’t I hear my android phone ring?

If your Android phone doesn’t ring when someone calls, it might be due to a user or program issue. Check if the smartphone is quiet, in Airplane Mode, or has Do Not Disturb activated to see whether your Android isn’t ringing owing to a user-related problem.

Why, when I call someone, they can’t hear me?

If you’re on a call and the other person can’t hear you, the problem may be due to a network issue. The microphone on your Android mobile device contains apertures, and dirt particles may gather in the openings over time, obstructing the microphone.

Can’t be heard on my Samsung phone?

Hit the volume button on your device’s left side during a voice conversation, then tap the drop-down arrow to access the volume controls. To maximize the Call volume settings, tap and drag the Call volume bar to the end. Please go to the following step if you can still hear anything during phone calls.

Why is my ring volume not working?

You should also check the ringtone volume in addition to the quiet Mode. When we push the volume buttons by mistake, the ring volume might be reduced to zero. To adjust the volume of the ringtone, go to Settings > Sound… Increasing the ring loudness will have no impact if quiet Mode is engaged.

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