How to Send a text to more than 20 recipients on Android.

Group messaging is a pretty good option when you don’t have much time to send any critical messages one by one to each recipient. In group messaging, you just need to create a group or add each contact you want to the list and then send the message once. So this article discusses how you can send a text to more than 20 recipients on Android.

There are also some applications you can use in order to send those group messages. So later in this article, we discuss some of those applications that can do your work as quickly as possible. So stick until the end…

This article mainly focuses on,

  • Send group text individually on Android.
  • Android group text limit.
  • Sending multiple text messages on an Android phone.
  • How do you create a group text on Android?
  • Textra group messaging in bulk.

How can you send a text to more than 20 recipients on Android?

When considering this, you can use a few simple methods to send those group messages. So those methods are,

  1. Sending group text messages using the default Android messaging app.
  2. Using a free or paid third-party app.
  3. First, create a group in the Contacts app and then send the message to that group.

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Sending group messages using the default Android messaging app.

This method is very simple, and I believe most of you are familiar with this.

How to create a group text on Android?

In this method, you just have to tap on a new message, type or paste the message you’ve copied, and add every contact you need to be a recipient of the message. Because this process is manual, you will have to spend some time on this.

But when compared to sending the message one by one individually, this method saves you a lot of your valuable time.

Using a free or paid third-party application.

Send a text to more than 20 recipients on Android.

Several applications have been developed for sending group messages.

  • Multi SMS Sender

More than 6,000 contacts can be sent an SMS at once with Multi SMS Sender (MSS). Sending messages with MSS is a breeze since you have complete control over who receives them and when.

Using this software, you can see when each recipient received your SMS and when it was sent in chronological order. It also has capabilities for customizing your text, including customization and signatures.

Create groups of contacts with unique names when you open the app. If you’ve created multiple groups, you can send a single message to all of them at once, or you can pick and choose which ones to text.

Group text send Individually in Android.
  • Bulk SMS Plans.

Using Bulk SMS Plans, you may send SMS messages with a wide range of interactive options. It allows you to send a personalized message to a maximum of 5,000 people at once. 

With this tool, you may set up reusable SMS themes for different groups of people. Sending messages is dependent on your internet connection.

With this function, you may send text messages in a single tap rather than in batches, increasing efficiency and ensuring that your messages are sent immediately. In the event that contact has more than one phone number, the software identifies and removes the dupes.

Sender ID, SMS templates, and SMS history reports can all be managed with this app. Custom URLs and voice remarks may potentially be included by the sender as well. For the most part, SMS apps don’t offer this functionality.

You may access the custom URL and voice note functions when you open the URL Shortner and Manage Media settings.

Beside the option to send a bulk SMS, there is a dashboard that allows you to send a single message. You can also keep tabs on your texting expenses and your account balance on the dashboard.

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  • Multi SMS and Group SMS.

Due to its capacity to append a contact list to a file and to read contacts from uploaded files, this program is included in our list of recommended apps. It’s a useful app that leverages your phone’s data plan to send text messages. A single SMS message can be sent to as many as 314 different people at once.

The way in which the send button is set up is one of the system’s biggest flaws. If you hit the big Send button more than once, you can easily get into trouble because there is no way to check your message before it is sent.

In addition to the constant request to be your default SMS app, there is another minor issue that may or may not annoy you.

Aside from that, it’s a simple tool for sending mass SMSes. If you’re looking for a light app and target a smaller audience, this is a good option. Duplicate contacts can be removed from your recipient list as you send your SMS.

It is possible to see the delivery status of each message sent in bulk using Multi SMS & Group SMS’s user interface. This way, you’ll always be able to keep track of the results of your efforts.

First, create a group in the Contacts app and then send the message to that group.

This method is also simple as the first method. But first, you have to create the group in your Contacts app by adding the recipients of your message.

Then you have to compose the message in your Messages app and select the group to send the message. Then after selecting the group, you just have to tap send.

Now we believe you’ve got a pretty good understanding on, how to send a text to more than 20 recipients on Android. The following FAQs will help you to understand more on this.

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In Textra, how can I send a group text?

Please create your groups via the Android Contacts / Peoples app on your phone. Textra SMS will, after that, take care of your groups. Press the floating new message symbol in Textra SMS, then go to Contacts (top right), Groups, Select, and Tick Icon.

How many recipients does Android text allow?

The amount of recipients you can send to is mostly determined by your mobile device and carrier. Some older phones only enable you to choose up to 10 recipients; however, some newer models may allow you to choose up to 30. MMS is used to send group messages, which must be enabled in the settings.

Can texts be too long to send?

Yes. You can send a text message with a maximum length of 918 characters. If you send a message with more than 160 characters, it will be broken up into 153-character chunks before being forwarded to the recipient’s device.

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