TPU vs Silicone

TPU vs Silicone; Which is Really Better?

As technology develops day by day, people do not depend on the same things for a long time because they invent new theories, technologies, and products to make a living more manageable and 2worthwhile. When something is found, they keep experimenting on something better than the old one. So in here, we are going to discuss TPU vs Silicone. Finally, you will find out which is better and has more pros.

So first, let’s see what those two materials and their features are. 

TPU material vs Silicone; main features and differences.


A synthetic substance, Silicone is used in everything from adhesives to lubricants to medicine. Similarly, we refer to it as polysiloxanes. This substance’s chemical name is Siloxanes make up the repeating units of these polymers.

Generally speaking, Silicone is a rubbery substance that is resistant to heat. However, it may also be found in liquid form, depending on the intended use of the substance. As a thermal and electrical insulator, it is excellent. Silicones are a go-to choice when it comes to everyday household items like cooking utensils and cleaning supplies.

This substance may be used to create waterproof seals. However, it has a high permeability to gasses. So, in terms of medical uses, it’s beneficial because it’s very permeable to gases like oxygen. Silicone may be used as a lubricant for brakes in the automobile industry.

Waterproofing properties may also be achieved by using it as a coating. For equipment that comes into touch with food, Silicone is an excellent choice since it is non-toxic and has a low taint. Dry cleaning may benefit from the use of liquid Silicone. Additionally, it is resistant to microbial assaults, which extends the shelf life of this substance.

TPU material.

TPU means Thermoplastic Polyurethanes. It’s constructed of plastic, rubber, and elastic. TPU cases are ideal for protecting your phone in the event of a severe crash. Today, they are often regarded to be the most effective means of defending oneself from a collision. As far as protection goes, TPUs are the finest on the market, despite their lack of color or design.

In polyurethane, the term refers to a block copolymer constructed of an alternating sequence of hard and soft segments of fragments created by the reaction between a diisocyanate and short-chain diols and the reaction between a diisocyanate and a long-chain diol, respectively. It is possible to produce a range of TPU materials by varying reactants’ ratios, structure, or molecular weight.

Both these materials are nowadays very famous ad widely used in the electronics industry because both of the materials have comparatively beneficial features. Usually, these materials are used in phone cases, keyboards, and watch bands, etc. So it would be better if you knew the characteristics of both these materials before purchasing something made up of one of these materials.

So next, let’s discuss the positive and the opposing sides of TPU material vs. Silicone.

The positive features of Silicon.

  • It’s easier to push the buttons on a silicone case since it’s constructed of a softer material; hard casings, on the other hand, are more difficult to press. 
  • The nice thing about silicone cases is that they are available in a wide range of patterns and styles. Even in places where customers may build their silicon casings, there are options for customization.
  • Because of the static charge that silicone casings generate, dirt particles are attracted to them. This constantly smears them.
  • They can withstand high temperatures. As a result, they have a double benefit. In addition to protecting a phone from being damaged by a collision, they also prevent it from being burned. 
  • Environmentally friendly since Silicone is a natural material. i.e., they do not harm the environment in any way. In terms of environmental friendliness, they’re made of biodegradable material.
  • Comparatively speaking, more challenging cases like metal ones provide more protection than silicone ones. Sharp things may readily penetrate these casings.
  • As with hard plastic and rubber, silicone casings are scratch- and damage-resistant.

The Negative features of Silicon.

  • When we compare TPU material vs Silicone, the Silicone cases are poor heat conductors, which means that they may accumulate heat and have a negative impact on the devices within.
  • Silicone cases have a significant drawback in that they loosen up with time, reducing the phone’s grip and making it more likely that the phone may fall out of the case.
  • When silicone cases are used for a lengthy period, they produce a sticky coating. Users are put off by this and are unable to utilize the product as a result.

The positive features of TPU material.

  • TPU cases are made of durable plastic, and their primary purpose is to safeguard and protect your device. Cases like this one are indestructible. Silicone cases do not have this feature.
  • Using a TPU case boosts the phone’s protection by covering a considerable portion of the device. It is common for TPU covers to protect the phone’s buttons as well.
  • As far as grip goes, TPU cases are the best. These cases will never lose their hold on the phone no matter how rough we handle them, but this is a drawback for silicone cases.
  • TPU cases are suitable for the environment. Specifically, they do not harm the environment. Environmentally friendly, they are made of biodegradable materials.
  • TPU cases are scratch-resistant, unlike hard plastic and rubber cases, which may be destroyed. Even a sharp object cannot harm them.

The Negative features of TPU material.

  • The biggest drawback of TPU cases is that they are more costly than Silicone cases, and this is the main point that supports them.
  • Because TPU cases are designed to protect the phone, we can see that they’re thick and bulky, which isn’t ideal.

The difference between Silicon and TPU materials in briefly.

The main difference between TPU and Silicone is that TPU is a superior material for making mobile phone cases than Silicone. Silicone is a poor heat conductor, allowing heat to accumulate in the mobile phone cover, ultimately heating the phone. 

TPU, on the other hand, may transfer heat away from the phone case rather than storing it like Silicone. As a result, the phone is more secure in this case. TPU is also more apparent in color, ecologically safe, and, most significantly, the user will not lose grasp of the phone as quickly with TPU covers.

TPU vs Silicone keyboard covers; which is better?

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tpu vs silicone keyboard cover
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tpu vs silicone watch band
tpu material vs silicone

Protecting the interiors of your keyboards from dust and moisture is very important if you wish for a longer life span for those. In this case, keyboard covers do a valuable job protecting your keyboards. Mainly there are two types of keyboard covers made by Silicon and TPU materials.

Silicone keyboard covers are flexible and soft than the TPUu keyboard covers. Both those covers protect the keyboards from dust and water. When it comes to safety, the TPU keyboard covers des their job very well than the silicone ones by protecting the keyboards from sudden shocks and cracks.

When it comes to the cost of comparing TPU vs Silicone keyboard covers, the Silicone covers get the top marks because they are cheaper than the TPU covers.

TPU vs Silicone watch bands.

When it comes to the watch bands, the Silicon watch bands usually perform better than the TPU watch bands in case of flexibility. But when it comes to the durability and strength, the TPU ones perform better.

So the TPU bands are better for high-end watches, which deserve more protection because they are precious. But if it is a regular watch what most people wear, Silicon is the best choice. But still, TPU cases can develop some pain on your hands with time due to their hardness and the loss of flexibility.

Also, compared to the price, Silicon ones are better because they are less expensive than the TPU bands. Finally, when comparing TPU vs Silicone watch bands, the Silicone bands are better than the TPU ones.

TPU vs Silicone phone case; which is better?

TPU vs Silicone
tpu vs silicone keyboard cover
tpu vs silicone case
tpu vs silicone phone case
tpu vs silicone watch band
tpu material vs silicone

TPU cases, in my view, outperform Silicone ones. Compared to Silicone cases, they seem to be superior in many respects. Silicone cases may not provide as much protection. Compared to Silicone cases, they feature a more secure grip.

They are also free of dust and debris, so they may be used for a long period without deterioration in their appearance or functionality. To put it another way: In my view, TPU cases have a greater shot of success in the market. Although TPU cases are more expensive than Silicone cases, you should always go for TPU cases. So finally when we compare TPU vs Silicone phone cases, TPU is better.

Final words on TPU vs Silicone…

To fully evaluate both silicone and TPU cases, we conducted a thorough examination of both materials. We have considered the advantages and disadvantages of each of these things and the point of view of the buyer.

After considering all of the information, it is evident that TPU cases have a significant advantage over silicone cases. Despite all of the characteristics of both silicone and TPU cases, the primary element we should concentrate on is the level of protection offered to the phone.

Following their introduction onto the market, these two things have provided excellent safety and security for mobile phones. Both of the cases have been created and constructed to protect and keep phones safe. However, as we can see, silicones have failed to meet the user’s needs, and as a result, TPU cases have been named the winner of this competition.


Is TPU the same as silicone?

No, they are totally different from each other in every aspect.

Is TPU material hard?

Yes, TPU material is harder than Silicone material. There are many similarities between TPU and silicone, which are both polymer-based materials. Soft and springy, silicone is a popular material for mobile phone covers. It is made of TPU, a plastic that is quite durable. Thermoplastic polyurethane protects your mobile phone better than silicone.

What cases are better silicone or hard?

In general, plastic and silicone are highly long-lasting materials. These days, they may be found in anything from microwaves to microchips. The impact may cause cracks or chips in rigid polymers such as PVC and ABS. There are times, though, when this is a good thing for a case.

What is TPU fabric?

Thermal polyurethane membranes (TPUs) bonded to nylon or polyester textiles may be used to generate a broad variety of high-performance materials that are both waterproof and breathable…. TPU textiles preserve the flexibility and suppleness of the underlying materials, as well.

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