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What Is Com Android Server Telecom?

What is com android server telecom? Com android server telecom is From SIM-based calls to VoIP utilizing SIP, the server originates and handles conversations on Android mobile and device. VoIP and SIM-based audio and video calls are made using com Android Server Telecom. With the Android GUI, users may control their calls. The com android server Telecom utilized the Android framework to start the calls with the aid of the SIM-card module to establish the connection after the call was made.

What Is Com Android Server Telecom?

The com. android server telecom package helps display the dialer, route calls, and switch audio between callers. When your call is active, we’ll need an interface that works between the operating system and Com.Samsung.Android.Incallui.

As a result, this service will give a tier during call type and dallier. com.android.server. telecom is an android service that is compatible with the Android operating system. This service is in charge of making calls from a SIM card and calls from VOIP connections.

In mobile services, common name conversion is often employed, and this may be used to determine if the service is internal or external. As you can see, services use naming conventions such as


The com android server Telecom service is also in charge of the following call types.

  • VOIP calls are voice over internet protocol calls made over the internet.
  • Calls made with a SIM card are calls made via your mobile service provider.
  • You may use this service to interact with a mobile phone’s camera.
  • This service also handles current calls and calls in between.
  • This app is also in charge of reasons the call is disconnected (for example, network loss, success full, etc.)
  • This software is also in charge of determining if the call is a voice or video call.
android server telecom

What Does Com Android Server Telecom Mean?

The Android Telecom framework handles audio and video conversations, and its Android Package(APK) files are com android server Telecom. The telephony framework is used to handle SIM-based calls. In contrast, the ConnectionService API or a third-party VOIP connection service is used to manage Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calls. com.android.telecom and com.android.server. telecom are the two package names for the Android Telecom framework.

The com android Telecom package is placed in the Android Operating System’s User Space, a virtual memory region where application software and specific device drivers are run. The com android Server Telecom file is placed in the Kernal Space virtual memory region, containing the core kernel extensions and device drivers.

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What Is Used Com Android Server Telecom Used for?

The android telecom framework can handle calls on an Android handset. Includes SIM-based calls utilizing SIP or a third-party VOIP and telephony framework. Android telecom, therefore, works as a call routing, audio focus, and switchboard between in-call service and connection service implementations. It also has a call interface.

Thus, the Android telecom framework implements a connection service API to handle audio and video conversations on Android devices. It has two parts: connection and in-call service.

A connection service helps connect calls with a third party using VOIP. Most phones include a Telephony Connection Service that helps connect calls, while an In-Call Service helps provide a user interface to calls controlled by Telecom. It aids the user in controlling and interacting with calls.

Here are some examples of Android server telecom calling use cases. Take a look:

If you don’t want your calls seen in the normal phone app, this is the one for you. It also helps you conceal other calls from the user interface. With a self-managed connection service, you can use the device’s native telephony and other independent calling applications. This API may also be used for audio routing and concentration.

Easily implement the managed connection service API to construct a calling solution. An existing mobile phone application offers the user interface for calls like VOIP, SIP, etc. You can only use the Connection service to connect calls. It has nothing to do with the user interface.

Implements the In Call Service API This API may create a replacement for the device’s default Dialler app. It cannot call and hence depends on the user interface. It assists in processing all telecom calls. It never assumes the nature of the calls, whether SIM-based or otherwise. It also doesn’t use a Connection service to limit calling. For example, it does not impose Telephony limits for video calls.

If you require an API that can assist you in developing your calling service-based calling and that too with its complete user interface, don’t overthink it. Choose it to see all other Android calls in the same UI. Just make sure the in-call service doesn’t make any assumptions about the call’s origin. You must also guarantee that the connection service implementation works even if the default phone app is not set to custom in the call.

So, if you don’t want to utilize the system Phone App, you may implement the telecom API. You may also use it if you want a calling solution that works with android. Use the in-call service API to replace your android’s default Phone App, while the connection service API is used to connect to a third party using VOIP. In addition to replacing your default Phone app, Telecom’s two components will allow you to integrate your calling solution.

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What Is The Com Android Server Telecom Service Used For?

We mentioned that the com android server Telecom service makes and receives calls. But they are umbrella functions with sub-functions. The following are some of the essential tasks of this code-related Android operating system service:

Call management

The fundamental purpose of the service is to handle calls, including accepting incoming calls and verifying the initiated outbound calls. When an incoming call occurs, the service shows the graphical user interface with the ‘receive’ or ‘abort’ option, enabling you to send a message alerting the caller why you cannot take the call.

Maintains call details

Although the contacts data are located on the Android Phone app. The com. android. Server. Telecom service that enables you to retrieve call information. These contain the caller’s name, the number, how long the call ran, and when the call began and finished. The service bridges the phonebook and online database data to offer facts.


The service links the caller with the receiver. You would never hear the person on the other end of the conversation without the connection provided by the com. Android. Server. Telecom android service.

Phone account

Have you ever gone back to the call records to confirm the line or network you used to call or on which you were called? It is the com.android.server. Telecom android service that gives these data. The same is for SIP and VoIP calls.

Disconnect cause

When you’re in the midst of a call, it disconnects you. Check the call log to discover whether the network is weak or mobile. Remember that android server telecom generates and stores this data.

Call conferencing

No more internet-only conferences! You may now make a phone conference with or without the internet. The com. android. Server. Telecom service records the number of individuals on the call, their contacts, how long each contact was, and when they joined and quit.

Video Profile

The service also informs and displays the user’s video choices during a call. During the call, the service records any disconnections and makes them available to the user afterward.


We would never make a call without the com android Server—telecom services. The com android server telecom is essential because it allows you to make, terminate, and manage calls on your smartphone. Suppose you wish to make a video, SIP, IP, or VoIP call, for example. Yes, your SIM card may start a call over the Android server telecom. The InCallUi app and the com android server telecom enable people to control calls.

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