Why does my Wi-Fi say disabled?

Why does my Wi-Fi say disabled? A Guaranteed Fix.

Why does my Wi-Fi say disabled? Many Android users keep asking this question on the web and its forums to find a fix for automatically disabling Wi-Fi in their Android devices. This issue is not a big deal to be concerned about, and there are several possible reasons for it.

So in this article, we will find out what those reasons are and a successful fix for it. So stick until the end and find out what you’ve been searching for.

Why does my Wi-Fi say disabled on my phone?  

Check your Wi-Fi and turn it ON.

Pretty sure there are a considerable number of users who do not know their Wi-Fi router is turned OFF and still trying to connect to the same Wi-Fi. So the first thing to do is make sure your Wi-Fi router is connected correctly and turned ON.

Also, some people try to connect to the Wi-Fi without turning on Wi-Fi in their Android device. So as before, make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on.

If it is OFF, you can turn it ON in your device settings.

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap on W-Fi.
  3. The Wi-Fi screen should indicate that your network is connected and that Wi-Fi is turned on. Enable Wi-Fi On iPhone

Toggle Wi-Fi On/OFF

Sometimes a simple toggle will play the game for you. So why don’t you try toggling the Wi-Fi ON and OFF? If it fixes the problem, there is no need for other options.

  1. Select Settings > Wireless Networks from the drop-down menu.
  2. Then, turn Wi-Fi off and then on again on the Wi-Fi screen.

Check the IP Address.

On occasion, android phones and tablets have been known to have trouble connecting to the router’s or modem’s IP address. To see whether this is the case, perform the instructions below on your Android device.

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and choose the appropriate option.
  2. To access the drop-down menu, touch on the More button on the Wi-Fi screen.

There are more Wi-Fi screen customization options available on Android phones.

  • Select the Advanced option from the drop-down menu.

Take a look at the IP Address area on the Advanced screen. Your Android Phone’s inability to access the router’s IP address is confirmed if there is neither an IP address nor an Unavailable status.

Android Device saying the IP address is not available.

Why does my Wi-Fi say disabled?
Why does my Wi-Fi say disabled?

This issue can be solved in a matter of minutes. Take a minute to shut down your modem/router. Then turn it back on after 60 seconds. After that, go to the Wi-Fi Advanced Settings page and look at the IP Address column.

With the IP Addresses specified, your Android phone should be able to join the Wi-Fi network immediately.

Restart Your Android device.

Occasionally, a tiny software issue on your Android Phone may be to blame for your Android Phone not being able to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Minor software issues on your Android Phone may often be resolved by just rebooting it.

  1. Press the power button for a while and click restart.
  2. Wait sometime after the restart for the phone to recover the optimal condition.
  3. Check back connecting the Wi-Fi.

Try disabling Bluetooth.

Wireless communication might be disrupted if you enable Bluetooth on your Android phone. To determine whether disabling Bluetooth on your Android phone helps with the issue of your phone not connecting to Wi-Fi, follow the instructions below.

This option will not work for most of you. But you can still try this when there is no solution to the problem.

  1. Find Bluetooth settings in your device’s settings.
  2. Please turn it OFF by toggling the button.
  3. Then try reconnecting the Wi-Fi.

Disable the Smart Network Switch.

Fix Android Obtaining WiFi Address, Can’t Connect to the Internet.

The Smart Network Switch function is available on Samsung Galaxy phones and other Android devices. In the event that your Android phone detects a poor Wi-Fi network, this function will immediately switch your phone over to cellular service.

However, it has been known to cause Wi-Fi connections to disconnect if this option is enabled. In order to deactivate Smart Network Switch on your Android phone, follow the instructions below.

  1. In order to access Wi-Fi settings, go to Settings > Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap on More (3 dots Menu symbol) to open a drop-down menu on the Wi-Fi screen.
  3. To switch to a new network, choose the Smart Network Switch option from the displays menu.
  4. Check to see whether the Smart Network Switch has been turned off on the following screen.
  5. Disable Smart Network Switch Option on Android Phone.

Forget Wi-Fi Network and Rejoin.

Make your Android phone forget the Wi-Fi network and then reconnect to your Wi-Fi network again by following the instructions below.

  1. Firstly, go to Settings > Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap and hold the Wi-Fi Network you’re presently connected to on the Wi-Fi screen (See image below).
  3. Tap on Forget Network in the pop-up.
  4. Following these instructions, you may rejoin your Wi-Fi network after forgetting it.
  5. Select the name of your Wi-Fi network from the list.

Enter your Wi-Fi Network Password in the pop-up and then hit Connect to join your Wi-Fi network.

Disable Power Saving Mode.

Your Android Phone’s Power Saving Mode is meant to extend your phone’s battery life by eliminating power-consuming functions.

However, the power-saving mode may also disable Wi-Fi on your Android phone to save battery life. If you wish to use your Android phone’s Wi-Fi, you’ll need to turn off battery-saving mode.

  1. Take a downward swipe from the top of your Android phone screen.
  2. Locate and choose the Power Saving Mode option from the slide-down menu.
  3. Check to see whether your Android phone is in standby mode.

Disable Location Services for Wi-Fi Network.           

You may turn off Wi-Fi location services on your Android phone by following the instructions below.

1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and choose

This is done by tapping on More (Menu symbol) on the Wi-Fi screen.

3. Select the Advanced option from the drop-down menu.

4. Disable “Always Allow Scanning” on the Advanced Screen (See image below).

Are you using an Android phone? Turn off Wi-Fi location tracking! It’s important to know that this affects Wi-Fi networking and won’t disrupt your regular Wi-Fi.

Now you know the reasons and fixing for the Wi-Fi disabled error on Android phones. So if those methods do not fix your problem it is better you contact a phone repairing shop.

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WiFi Connection Problem on Android Solved | Wifi not Connecting on Android Phone Problem Fix

Here are some FAQs we found related to the question ” Why does my Wi-Fi say disabled?

Why does my Wi-Fi say disabled on my tablet?

Ensure the Smart Network Switch is turned off under Settings, Connections, Wi-Fi, and Advanced. To determine whether an app has taken control of your Wi-Fi, uncheck Auto-Connect, select Wi-Fi on during Sleep, then touch Wi-Fi control history in the settings menu. When I had the same problem, I was using the same phone and version.

Why does my Wi-Fi say disabled on my phone?

This usually occurs after firmware updates, changes to Wi-Fi router setups, and other similar events. When you switch on the Wi-Fi, it searches for available networks, acquires an IP address, and then disconnects. Go to Settings > Wireless and networks > Wi-Fi Settings > Advanced from the left menu button on your Android smartphone.

Why is my Wi-Fi working but not my Internet?

Test the Wi-Fi on other devices, such as your smartphone, to check whether the issue is isolated to the router. Alternatively, if the Internet does not operate on any other devices, the fault is most likely with the router or Internet connection itself.

Why does my phone say no internet connection when I have Wi-Fi iPhone?

If you’re unable to access the Internet even if your iPhone is linked to Wi-Fi, the first step you should do is to switch off and then turn on Wi-Fi. To turn off Wi-Fi, go to the Settings menu and choose Wi-Fi. Reconnect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network by tapping the same switch again after a minute.

So no you know how to fix the Wi-Fi disabled on Android Phone, and on other devices. If you find this content interesting, do not forget to leave a comment which will motivate us to bring you more valuable content in the future.

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