Why won't my charger stay on my phone?

Why Won’t My Charger Stay On My Phone?

You never want to hear yourself speak the dreaded words: why won’t my charger stay on my phone. You’re prepared to relax for the evening after a long day at work, and your phone’s battery is down to 10%. You feel this is a common occurrence and that your phone will get a much-needed recharge the next day, ready to send hundreds of messages, tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram browsing, and Snaps. 

Nothing occurs when you plug your iPhone into the charger. Why won’t my charger stay on my phone? You’ve said those few horrible words that send chills down your spine. This situation has the potential to become out of hand. You’ve tried unplugging and replugging your phone from the charger, but it remains unresponsive. Then you continue inserting the charger hard into your phone, hoping that brute force would resolve the problem.

Why Won’t My Charger Stay On My Phone? : iPhone

 Why won't my charger stay on my phone? This situation has the potential to become out of hand.

It is impossible to go through the day without our iPhones. If you cannot charge your iPhone, you may find yourself unable to use it when you need it the most. Now, let’s get into the quick review that “why won’t my charger stay on my phone?” 

iPhone Charger Might Not Stay In

An iPhone charger may not be able to stay in the device. There are various reasons why your iPhone charger may not remain plugged in properly. It’s conceivable that the cable you’re attempting to use is broken or that the charging port on your iPhone has been clogged. You may be using a shoddy knockoff cable or one that wasn’t intended to be used with an iPhone.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to determine the root cause of your iPhone charger’s inability to remain in place. If your iPhone is still not functioning after you’ve followed these instructions, we’ll assist you in finding a reputable repair service. Then you can get an idea for your question that “why won’t my charger stay on my phone.”

You should check your lightning table

Why Won't My Charger Stay On My Phone?

After disconnecting, it may be difficult to keep a broken Lightning cable plugged into your iPhone. It is possible that the Lightning connection will not fit precisely into the Lightning port if it has been damaged in any manner. Additionally, if you attempt to charge your iPhone using a cheap gas station cable, you may have difficulties charging it. 

These cables are often not MFi-certified, which means that the maker did not get Apple’s approval to build iPhone accessories before releasing the product. Make sure to look for the Made For iPhone mark if you are buying an iPhone accessory! When charging your iPhone, it’s a good idea to test a new Lightning cable to see if the problem persists. Other Lightning cords may still be hooked into your iPhone, indicating that the issue is with your cable rather than your iPhone. If your iPhone does not have any wires hooked into it, go to the next stage!

Check whether the charging port obstructed

It’s quite simple for lint, sludge, and other debris to get lodged in the charging port of your iPhone. When this occurs, your Lightning cable may not be able to fit into the charging port on your iPhone properly. A clogged Lightning port may result in various complications. It is possible that your iPhone may not charge or that it will get locked in headphones mode. We suggest that you get a set of anti-static brushes and that you wipe out the Lightning port regularly. Here are some ideas for cleaning an iPhone Lightning port safely and effectively:

  • Before cleaning your iPhone, make sure it is turned off.
  • Toss in an anti-static brush or a brand-new toothbrush for good measure.
  • Remove any lint, muck, or other debris from the charging port using a scraping motion.
  • Use of anything that may carry electricity (e.g., a needle or a thumbtack) or anything that might break apart within the charging port is strictly prohibited (e.g., toothpick, tissue).
  • After you’ve cleaned out the Lightning connector on your iPhone, try charging it again. Then go to the next step if your iPhone charger is still not in place.

Check the condition of your cable.

Why won't my charger stay on my phone? It's possible the cable you're trying to use is damaged or that your iPhone's charging port is obstructed.

If you are muttering that, why won’t my charger stay on my phone, get hurry to check the condition of your cable? There are various reasons why a phone may not charge, but one of the first things to check is the charging cord. In particular, if it’s an attachment you’ve kept for a long time, maybe since the phone was acquired, you might consider returning it. Our wires are subjected to a great deal of abuse. They accompany you to various locations, not to mention that we often step or trip on them, that they get twisted in our clothing, that we carelessly toss them into our luggage, and so on.

Take a close look at your charging cord to see any obvious indications of damage. Any rips, bends, cuts, or other general damage to the wires will be a good cause for the cables to fail to perform properly. Also, test if you can use it to charge another gadget and see if it works. If this is the case, the main issue may be with the device. You may also try charging your smartphone battery with a different cable to see if that works better.

iPhone Repair Alternatives

If your iPhone’s Lightning connector doesn’t remain plugged in, the device may have a hardware issue. The pins that enable electricity to pass from the charger to your iPhone may have been damaged. It is possible to get the charging port on your iPhone changed rather than needing to purchase a whole new iPhone. Visit Apple’s website to see what support options are available to you!

Plug It In

You’ve successfully resolved the issue, and your iPhone is now charging properly. When the next time your iPhone charger won’t stay in, you’ll know precisely what you need to do.


The port may have come loose if you have to hold your phone at a certain angle for it to charge properly. This will need to be rectified as soon as possible since continuous usage in this state would almost certainly result in further damage. In the same way, if pins within the port break or bend, proper charging becomes difficult. This problem is more difficult to diagnose since the phone must be dismantled before the problem can be identified. So, if you are struggling with the issue, why won’t my charger stay on my phone? Now you may have wide knowledge regards this.

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